Updated Covid-19 Guidance

As we move towards the next stage of the Government’s roadmap on 19th July, we are awaiting updated guidance for places of worship.

However, for the well being of others, clergy within our Benefice will continue to use a face covering when in our church buildings and would encourage others to do the same.

Whatever the update on social distancing, please be assured that if for your own safety and well being you need to keep your distance from others, let us know that’s the case and that you are attending a service in person and we’ll make and advise you in advance of what provision we will make for you. Our goal is to keep everyone especially the most vulnerable, safe and feeling safe. 

We need to be responsible for ourselves and aware of the needs of others. Because we might want to hug someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they feel safe to be hugged – check it out! 

We will update this page with further information as and when we receive it.