Your child is precious to you and you want the very best for them, and so does God.   You want them to make the right choices in life for themselves and for others; a Baptism is just the beginning of this and so much more.

In Baptism, parents thank God for His gift of life and make a decision to start their child on the journey of faith and ask for the Church’s support.  When your child is baptised with water, they are welcomed into the family of the Church.  It is a special day for you, your child and all your friends and family.

Before making a commitment, you need to know what is involved.
During the Baptism, the baptismal promises to turn to Christrepent of sin and renounce evil are made on behalf of your child by you and their Godparents.

Parents and Godparents
Parents and Godparents play a central role in the Baptism of a child and choosing the right Godparents for your child is a big decision.  The people you choose need to have been Baptised themselves and it is a good idea to check that they feel able to make the promises before others.  Traditionally a child has three Godparents, although this is not always the case.

When do Baptisms take place?
Baptisms take place during the main service at 11am on a Sunday, a reminder that Baptism is the way in which we are welcomed in to the family of God.

Is there a fee for a Baptism?
There are no fees associated with a Baptism, however, we do have an offertory collection during the service and invite you to make a donation to the Church in this way.

What next?
To make an enquiry or discuss available dates for your child’s Baptism, please complete the form below.  Alternatively, you can contact Rev. Clare Edwards on 01594 726318 or by email:

Further information
You can find out more about Baptisms by visiting the Church of England’s website  Whether you are a parent, Godparent or guest, this website will help you discover all you need to know about choosing, planning and going to a Church of England Baptism and help you understand the importance of Baptism and the promises you make.

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