Join us for the greatest weekend of the Year!

                                                 FOREST CHURCH DRYBROOK – 

Maundy Thursday – 2nd April

7.30 pm – Tenebrae ‘Service of the Shadows’  

Good Friday – 3rd April

2.00 pm – The Final Hour 

Holy Saturday – 4th April

7.00 pm – The Easter Vigil & Service of Light 

Easter Day – 5th April

7.00 am Dawn Service of Holy Communion at Pan Tod Beacon, Ruardean Hill

8.00 am Holy Communion

11.00 am Easter Day Communion Service, followed by warm Hot Cross buns and The Great Easter Egg Hunt!

6.00 pm Easter Evensong


                                                     LYDBROOK CHURCH –  

Maundy Thursday 7.00 pm Holy Communion

Good Friday 2.00 pm An Hour at the Cross 

Holy Saturday 7.00 pm Easter Vigil & Service of Light 

Easter Day 9.30 am Easter Eucharist

& 3.00 pm Easter Church & Tea @ 3 with Easter Egg Hunt!


                                                RUARDEAN CHURCH 

 Maundy Thursday 7.00 pm Eucharist and foot washing then Maundy watch 

 Good Friday 2.00 pm Passion Reading and Holy Communion 

 Holy Saturday 6.00 pm Vigil 

 Easter Day 10.00 am Easter Eucharist

                                     THE WALK WITH THE CROSS 

Good Friday – ‘The Walk with the Cross’ – starting at Forest Church Drybrook at 9.30 am, via Ruardean Church (approx. 10.45 am) arriving at Lydbrook Church at approx. 1.00 pm